Rose Comb Ancona Chickens


        Rose Comb Anconas are truly beautiful, elegant farm fowl.  They originate in central Italy and are cousins to Leghorns.  They are traditionally respected as fine layers.  Extra cockerels are good fryers, and stock raised out to five and six months old is great in traditional braised preparations such as coq au vin, pollo al cacciatore, fracasee, chicken and dumplings, etc....

       Anconas are strong foragers, highly self-reliant, and make good use of free-range.  When tended to calmly they are personable and stand confinement well. 

       Anconas are very fertile and hatch exceedingly well.  They are a superb choice for the home flock and an excellent option for those desiring to work with rare, heritage breeds.


2013 Ancona pullet      



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